After years of using various debugging tools, I decided to make my own as a labour of love, that eventually became something I though could be useful to the Unity community. This asset is much more than a simple FPS counter, and at a very affordable price!

Graphy is the ultimate, easy to use, stats monitor and debugger for your project.


Main Features: 

  • FPS Counter (Graph and Text)

  • Memory Counter (Graph and Text)

  • Audio Spectrum (Graph and Text)

  • Advanced device information

  • Debugging tools

With this tool you will be able to visualize and catch when your game has some unexpected hiccup, and act accordingly!

Graphy also includes a debugger script! The debugger allows you to set one or more conditions, that if met will have the consequences you desire, such as taking a screenshot, pausing the editor, printing a message to the console and more! Even call a method from your own code if you want (through Unity Events or C# System.Action)!

Additional features: 

  • Customizable look and feel

  • Multiple layouts

  • Custom Inspectors!

  • Hotkeys (Modify them to your liking)

  • Easy to use API (accessible from code)

  • Works on multiple platforms (Tested on PC, Mac and Android, but it should work on almost anything)

  • Keep Alive (it will survive scene changes)

  • Background Mode (Negligible impact in performance)

  • Well documented C# and Shader code included (yes, it uses shaders!)


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Check out the forum post: Click here (or the image)

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Join our community on Discord: Click here (or the image)