I joined the team right after they successfully met their goal in their Kickstarter campaign back in March 2016. At that time I was still in my third year of university, studying video game development. Since then I spent the 16 months I worked there developing the core of the game, implementing all the necessary features to allow the game to function correctly. I was the sole programmer during those 16 months, and was in charge of making sure the builds were ready for events, such as Gamelab in Barcelona and EGX Rezzed in London, both of which I also attended.


Dialogue System

Designed and implemented a dialogue system that supports group conversations. Also did some work on text dissolve shaders, as well as sprite effects.

Ink Narrative Engine

Integrated the amazing Ink narrative engine developed by Inkle with our dialogue system. This powerful plugin is great for narrative dialogue.

Isometric 2D Engine

Designed and implemented an isometric 2D engine that we have used since the first week when we started the project. It supports static and moving objects with any shape or form.

Scene Management System

Designed and implemented a dynamic Scene Management System that allows seamless loading of multiple scenes at the same time, giving full control for the Composer and Sound designer to select which sound sub scenes to load in each quadrant of the city.

I published an article called "What I learned from trying to make an Isometric game in Unity" to share the knowledge I had on dwelling with Isometric 2D in Unity. It was featured in Gamasutra, and has garnered almost 20.000 views as of June 2018 in Unity Connect, being one of the Top 6 articles with most views on the site.


  • Indie Prize Showcase” (Casual Connect)

  • Leftfield Collection” (EGX Rezzed)

  • Best Narrative” Finalists (BiG Festival)

  • Best StoryNominee (Game Connection)

  • Best GameplayFinalist (AZ Play)

  • Nordic Game Discovery Contests” Finalist (Nordic Game)